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You Can't Do Business with Hitler (Plus Extra Material) - Old Time Radio (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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Complete Collection of 12 Episodes, plus 2 Series Synopsis'
Plus 6 Episodes of Dear Adolf
Plus 186 World War II Posters
Plus 740 War Related Items
All neatly labelled and presented in chronological order.

You Can't Do Business With Hitler, a series of radio shows, written and produced by the radio section of the Office of War Information (OWI), was transcribed four times a month. Elwood Hoffman writes the scripts, and Frank Telford directs the production.

This series is one of the many thousands of government propaganda plays that were broadcast to help the war effort during World War II.

You Can't Do Business with Hitler, based on the experiences of Douglas Miller, who was for 15 years commercial attaché to the American Embassy in Berlin. Douglas Miller reveals the NAZI technique of plundering and looting conquered lands. This transcribed program written by Elwood Hoffman and directed by Frank Telford was brought to you by the Radio Section of the Office for Emergency Management in Washington.

Dear Adolf

The most engaging of U.S. fight-talk programs, NBC's Dear Adolf, bows off the air this Sunday (Aug. 2) after six successful broadcasts. Unlike many another morale program, it is quitting before the thread shows through the tires.

Elfish, slow-smoldering Stephen Vincent Benét wrote the program's "letters to Hitler" for six representative Americans: a farmer (Raymond Massey—"We'll choke you with wheat and corn, Adolf, we'll drown you in York State milk"), a mother (Helen Hayes—"I do not say it is just or right to hate. I say we hate you for having caused this hate"), a businessman (Melvyn Douglas—"You can't do business with a man who doesn't know the meaning of a contract"), a laborer (James Cagney—"We're sending you a letter 20 million workers long... written in steel and flame") and a soldier (Private William Holden—"We'll marry the girl we like—and the guy who makes a crack about her ancestry had better look out for his teeth"). The final letter, from the U.S. foreign-born, will be sent this Sunday (5 p.m. E.W.T.) by Vienna-born Joseph Schildkraut.

The Council for Democracy got the idea and much of the material for the broadcasts from letters received by President Roosevelt, telling Hitler off. Now the Council is getting more letters than ever.

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