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X-Minus One - Old Time Radio (OTR) (2 x mp3 CD)

X-Minus One - Old Time Radio (OTR) (2 x mp3 CD)

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This is the complete compilation of all episodes ever made. All files are neatly labelled and presented in a pristine manner, including metadata.

X Minus One is an American half-hour science fiction radio drama series that broadcast from April 24, 1955 to January 9, 1958 in various timeslots on NBC. Known for high production values in adapting stories from the leading American authors of the era, including Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, Frederik Pohl and Theodore Sturgeon.

X Minus One has been described as one of the finest offerings of American radio drama and one of the best science fiction series in any medium.

Countdown for blastoff... X minus five, four, three, two, X minus one... Fire!

Format: 2 x mp3 CD.

Contained in: CD Jewel Case.