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The Witch's Tale - Old Time Radio (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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Complete 43 Episodes

Begun regionally on WOR radio in New York, this is one of the earliest of the horror genre shows. It also helped begin a trend in creepy hosts that "lives" on to this day in popular entertainment. "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," was the cackling host of the show, and she was a caution! She quickly became a favorite of New York kids in the 1930's, who imitated her quips and cackles to scare their younger brothers and sisters at night.

Since Nancy was a witch from Salem, she knew of the old days, and relished a historical, and often hysterical, setting with her charming cat, Satan!

John Dunning in his "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio" relates the odd tale of getting the replacement for the original Nancy, Adelaide Fitz-Allen, who died at 79 in 1935. A radio veteran, only a mere 13 years old, Miriam Wolfe by name, was then on the fine children's program, Let's Pretend. Of course, she wasn't considered for the part. She stayed in the studio during a late-night broadcast by Witch's Tale writer/director, Alonzo Deen Cole, and began her "Nancy" without warning. Cole was so chilled by her mimicry of an ancient crone that she got the part on the spot. Later in the show's run, the role was taken by Martha Wentworth.

The Witch's Tale was sometimes forced and obvious, but the good New York radio actors, ably directed by Roger Bower, transcended the occasional clunky scripting to be generally quite bold and horrifically enjoyable. The classical music used as interludes for commercials adds some class and charm to the preternatural proceedings. The scripts would sometimes use famous horror tales, such as Frankenstein or the Flying Dutchman. The show enjoyed popularity both the New York regional and Mutual national runs. As a sidelight, an Australian version of the show is included in this compilation. But real fans would scream that they don't hold a candle to Old Nancy! When she started her spiel to Satan's bawling (one wonders who did the cat role) - the mood was right for another fright! Old Nancy was certainly the horror hostess with the mostess in those days. Why, today, she'd be crowing about being "183, I be today, 183" Be that as it may, you can now revisit her in her younger years, when she was just pushing the century mark.

For other horror hosts, listen to favorites such as Raymond, of the Inner Sanctum, the Man in Black of Suspense, The Whistler, Mysterious Traveler, and The Strange Dr. Weird.

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Episode List:

Witch's Tale 310611 WereWolf
Witch's Tale 311207 Confession
Witch's Tale 320414 Gypsy's Hand
Witch's Tale 320926 HairyMonster Part1&2
Witch's Tale 321024 Share and Share Alike
Witch's Tale 330306 Graveyard Mansion
Witch's Tale 330321 Wonderful Bottle
Witch's Tale 340426 Flying Dutchman
Witch's Tale 340503 Violin
Witch's Tale 340802 Rockabye Baby
Witch's Tale 340907 Puzzle
Witch's Tale 340928 Happy Ending
Witch's Tale 341108 Physician To Dead
Witch's Tale 350107 Entomologist
Witch's Tale 350613 Devil's Mask
Witch's Tale 350717 Frankenstein
Witch's Tale 350821 Bronze Venus
Witch's Tale 350827 Knife of Sacrifice
Witch's Tale 360107 SpiritsOfTheLake,The
Witch's Tale 360114 Devil Mask
Witch's Tale 370108 In Devil's Name Pt 1
Witch's Tale 370122 Suicide
Witch's Tale 370212 Haunted Crossroads
Witch's Tale 370219 Devil Doctor
Witch's Tale 370311 Troth of Death
Witch's Tale 370318 Boa Goddess
Witch's Tale 370422 Statue Of Thor,The
Witch's Tale 371019 Four Fingers and a Thumb
Witch's Tale 371207 ThePowerofLucifer
Witch's Tale 380113 Altar of Hate
Witch's Tale 380120 Firing Squad
Witch's Tale 380303 Tourists Accomodated
Witch's Tale 380329Wedding Gift
Witch's Tale 380502 Devil's Number
Witch's Tale Devil Doctor Australian
Witch's Tale Flying Dutchman pt.1
Witch's Tale Flying Dutchman pt.2
Witch's Tale House of Bridegroom pt.1
Witch's Tale House of Bridegroom pt.2
Witch's Tale King Shark God Australian
Witch's Tale Mannikan Australian
Witch's Tale Rat in a Trap
Witch's Tale The Priest of Beckett 31 Australian