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The Whistler - Old Time Radio (OTR) (2 x mp3 CD)

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Complete 410 Episodes

These are tales of mystery and terror, begun each week with the signature echoing footsteps and haunting whistled theme. Our host is the moody Whistler, who serves as host and narrator in these twisted tales of fate. Bill Forman served as the Whistler for most of the run, although several did it.

Dorothy Roberts did the whistling weekly for 13 years, all 37 notes of it. Wilber Hatch composed and directed the fine mood music.

George Allen produced and directed this long running (1942-the mid '50's) series. Gerald Mohr, Frank Lovejoy (Nightbeat), Betty Lou Gerston, Cathy and Elliot Lewis, Hans Conried, Wally Maher and Lurene Tuttle are a few of radio's finest actors featured in the half-hour episodes.

The Whistler always finishes his stories with fatalistic relish, and "the strange ending to tonight's story" is rarely what one expects. In the world of The Whistler, fate has a few speedbumps for the hasty acts of the foolish! Those with a taste for crime and the macabre will enjoy the world of The Whistler.

Format: 2 x mp3 CD.

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