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The Twilight Zone, The Clock, The Zero Hour - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (7 x mp3 CD)

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The Twilight Zone (176 Shows)
Format: 4 x mp3 CD

Rare collection of old time radio Twilight Zone episodes.

The Clock (59 Shows)
Format: 1 x mp3 CD

"Surise and Sunset, Promise and Fulfilment, Birth and Death, The whole Drama of Life is played out in the Sands of Time"

The Clock was a radio anthology narrated by Father Time and broadcast 80 half-hour episodes from November 3, 1946 to May 9, 1948. Its stories were mostly mystery and crime with a tiny smattering of supernaturally-themed episodes. Similar to The Twilight Zone.

This is a great series where the main theme seems to be Retribution. The Clock originated in Australia and was syndicated to the United States.

The Zero Hour (133 Shows)
Format: 2 x mp3 CD

Presented by Rod Serling

Chosen by the Mutual Broadcasting system for having a theme of tales of mystery, adventure and suspense, The Zero Hour (aka Hollywood Radio Theater) was a 1973 to 1974 two-season radio drama anthology series hosted and scripted by Rod Serling and produced by JM Kholos. The cast included the top line actors John Astin, Edgar Bergen, Joseph Campanella, and many more. Ferrante & Teicher composed opening theme music. The show did not last because of the lack of promotion value and issues with the weekly serial format schedules.

Format: 7 x mp3 CD.

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