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Spectreman (1971) Asian, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure (10 x DVD)

Spectreman (1971) Asian, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure (10 x DVD)

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Complete Series: 63 Episodes + 2 Pilot Episodes.

Directed by: Daiji Kazumine, Tomio Sagisu.

Starring: Linda Gary, Tetsuo Narikawa, Kazuo Arai.

The planet: Earth. The city: Tokyo. Like all cities on the face of this planet, Tokyo is losing the battle against man's deadliest enemies: waste and pollution.  Despite the efforts of local and world government, the air, the sea, and the land may soon lose their ability to support life of any kind!  Who will help?  Spectreman!

TripDiscs Note: Some versions of Spectreman out there have the same show for episodes 5 and 6, and have no audio for episode 44. Our Spectreman collection DOES NOT have these issues and is completely fine, all episodes are correct and contain full audio.

Audio Language: English Dubbed.

Contained in: 35mm Spine DVD Case.

Format: Either PAL or NTSC (depending on world location), Region 0 (Multi-Region/Worldwide).