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The Secret Code (1942) Action, Drama (2 x DVD)

The Secret Code (1942) Action, Drama (2 x DVD)

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Complete 15 Chapter Columbia Movie Serial Cliffhanger 

Directed by: Spencer Gordon Bennet (as Spencer G. Bennet).

Starring: Paul Kelly, Anne Nagel, Trevor Bardette

This serial introduces the World War II scenario when a masked hero tries to prevent Nazi agents from crippling the US's war effort. The spy ring is led by fifth columnist Jensen, who, with his lieutenant Rudy Thyssen and a network of Nazi saboteurs, is trying to get possession of a top-secret formula the United States had developed for manufacturing synthetic rubber while creating explosive gases and radio-controlled bombs to sabotage the exhausting war effort. Then Police Lieutenant Dan Barton stages a public dismissal from the police department, in order to join the saboteurs ring and learn the secret code they have been using. To further assist his efforts (especially after his superior, the only person to know that Barton is working undercover, is murdered), Barton assumes the secret identity of the Black Commando, a masked man who is wanted both by the villains (who want the secret formula they think he has) and police (who are also searching for Barton for murder). Finally, Barton steals the formula and is captured by Thyssen and put under the protection of the sabotage ring. Joining the gang, he learns of their plans, which he immediately leaks to his best friend and former partner Pat Flanagan and news reporter girlfriend Jean Ashley and, as "The Black Commando", continually frustrates the Nazi plots. After innumerable dangers and lost efforts in trying to decipher the enemy's secret codes, Barton and Flanagan discover the key to the Nazi code, capture the Nazi ring and make sure that the Nazi U-boat which has been waiting to help the Nazis escape is depth-bombed and destroyed.

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