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The Quatermass Collection, Season 1, 2, 3 (I, II, III) Sci-Fi, Horror TV Series (4 x DVD)

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The Quatermass Collection of Television Series I, II, III.

Directed by: Rudolph Cartier.

Starring: Reginald Tate, Isabel Dean, Hugh Kelly, John Robinson, Monica Grey, Hugh Griffith, André Morell, Cec Linder, Anthony Bushell.

Series 1 - The Quatermass Experiment (1953) (Two Surviving Episodes)

These are the only two surviving episodes of "The Quatermass Experiment" - Nigel Kneale's first Quatermass TV series.

These first two *live* episodes were recorded during their broadcast as telerecordings, the remaining four episodes went out live and were never recorded.

Series 2 - Quatermass 2 (II) (1955)

Professor Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group being asked to examine strange meteorite showers. His investigations lead to his uncovering a conspiracy involving alien infiltration at the highest levels of the British government. As even some of Quatermass's closest colleagues fall victim to the alien influence, he is forced to use his own unsafe rocket prototype, which recently caused a nuclear disaster at an Australian testing range, to prevent the aliens from taking over mankind.

Series 3 - Quatermass and the Pit (1958)

When prehistoric skeletons are discovered during an expansion of the London Underground, palaeontologist Matthew Roney (James Donald) believes them to be remnants of early man. But the strange metal object found with them is tougher to explain, and Professor Bernard Quatermass (Andrew Keir) thinks it evidence that the creatures came from space. More digging in the area reveals the corpses of actual Martians and a strange energy field that sends London into a panic.

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