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Peril - Old Time Radio (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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Complete 24 Episodes.

Peril, stories of suspense, is a syndicated old time radio show. The plots of the shows vary from week to week but most of the shows deal with the topic of the limitation of human morality.

Four actresses receive an invitation to a deserted house only to be trapped by a murderous fiend.

Two conjoined brothers (who argue a lot and are in love with the same woman) plan to be separated; the operation is complicated when one of the twins will not survive.
A woman and her boyfriend kill her disabled husband, who happened to be filthy rich.

The plots of Peril are original and well constructed, the characters of complex, and the acting is surprisingly good as there are not many recognizable actors in this show. The conflict of each show builds and there are twist and turns.

Format: mp3 CD.

Contained in: Transparent Plastic Wallet.

Episode List:

01. Peril - Assassin
02. Peril - Assignment In The Dark
03. Peril - Cup Of Tea
04. Peril - Curse Of Ramses
05. Peril - Dark Desperation
06. Peril - Darkness Within
07. Peril - Desperate Tuesday
08. Peril - Escape To Eternity
09. Peril - Flight To Nowhere
10. Peril - Killer
11. Peril - Man Against The City
12. Peril - Mask Of Hate
13. Peril - One Life For Three
14. Peril - Sanctuary
15. Peril - Showdown
16. Peril - Sidewalk Empire
17. Peril - Squeeze Play
18. Peril - The Diary
19. Peril - The Experiment
20. Peril - The Gamble
21. Peril - The Last Man
22. Peril - Three Hunted Men
23. Peril - Undivided
24. Peril - Wheelchair