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Paul Temple - Old Time Radio (OTR) (3 x mp3 CD)

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16 Complete Stories, 131 Episodes.

Paul Temple is a fictional character created by British writer Francis Durbridge (1912–1998) for the BBC radio serial Send for Paul Temple in 1938. Temple is an amateur private detective and author of crime fiction. Together with his journalist wife (Louise Temple, née Harvey, affectionately known as "Steve" after her pen name "Steve Trent"), he solves "whodunnit" crimes with subtle, humorous dialogue and rare "action". Always the gentleman, his use of the phrase "by Timothy" was the nearest he ever got to swearing. Since 1938, the Temples have featured in over 30 BBC radio dramas, 12 serials for German radio, a BBC television series, four British feature films and several novels. In the Netherlands several of the radio plays were recorded with Dutch actors and with the main character's name translated to 'Paul Vlaanderen '. In addition, a Paul Temple comic strip featured in the London Evening News from the mid-1950s to the early 1960s.

Paul Temple was "born" as a radio detective. In Britain, several Paul Temple radio series were broadcast from the 1930s to the 1960s. While several actors and actresses portrayed the Temples over the years, including the Send for Paul Temple Again series which starred Barry Morse and aired in 1945, probably the best known portrayal of the couple was by Peter Coke and Marjorie Westbury. The introductory and closing music for the majority of the long-running BBC radio series was Coronation Scot (a musical depiction of a train journey) composed by Vivian Ellis; the earliest serials, those aired prior to December 1947, used an excerpt from Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Most of the surviving serials starring Coke and Westbury have been repeated since 2003 by digital radio station BBC Radio 7 (now called BBC Radio 4 Extra). In 2006 the station tracked down the then 93-year-old Coke for a half-hour interview programme, Peter Coke and the Paul Temple Affair.


Paul Temple and the Lawrence Affair
Paul Temple and the Spencer Affair
Paul Temple and the Vandyke Affair
Paul Temple and the Conrad Case
Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case
Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery
Paul Temple and the Jonathan Mystery
Paul Temple and the Geneva Mystery
Paul Temple and the Alex Affair
Paul Temple and the Sullivan Mystery
Paul Temple and Madison Mystery
Paul Temple and Steve
A Case for Paul Temple
Paul Temple and the Gregory Affair
News of Paul Temple
Paul Temple Intervenes

Plus some extra material, including the very first episode of Paul temple ever broadcast 'Send for Paul Temple'.

Format: 3 x mp3 CD.

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