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The Jack Benny Program - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (4 x mp3 DVD)

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Complete Collection of Jack Benny Old Time Radio Shows - 789 Episodes.

The Jack Benny Program, which starred no less than Jack Benny himself, was a comedy series than went on-air for more than 30 years in both radio and television. It premiered on NBC Blue on May 2, 1932, and had its last episode on CBS radio on May 22, 1955, producing a total of 931 episodes. The TV adaptation, which was just a continuation of the radio program, was aired from 1950 to 1965.

Apart from lead character Jack Benny, other radio stars included in the show were Eddie Anderson, Don Wilson, Dennis Day, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Mel Blanc, and many more.

The show made use of a show-within-format, where each character's role was no other than themselves. It would start with a performance from the orchestra, or sometimes a joke between Benny and Wilson. This was followed by gags between Benny and the rest of the cast, usually about the day's news, or about the characters themselves, most especially something about Benny's life.

Format: 4 x mp3 DVD.

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