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Isaac Asimov - Prophets of Sci-Fi (Audio CD)

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He saved the future from Evil Robots! Faced with a sci-fi tradition where robots exist only to torment their human creators, Isaac Asimov dreamed a better future where we need not fear our own technology. With his breakthrough sci-fi story collection, I, Robot, Asimov laid the ground rules for robo-behavior both in fiction and perhaps one day in real life. With stories like Robbie and Runaround, Isaac Asimov wrote of a future where mechanical men can do our jobs for us. His ideas inspired General Motors to create Unimate (the first industrial robot) and paved the way for the widespread automation of modern industry. In The Naked Sun, Asimov warns that mankind will attempt to use robots as tools of warfare. Today, increasingly advanced robotic soldiers wage war on the front lines of the modern battlefield. Asimov's Bicentennial Man foretells the merging of man and machine with the advent of transhuman technology. Today, bionic limbs implanted smart chips, and even strength-enhancing robotic exoskeletons indicate that Asimov's age of the transhuman is upon us. He's now regarded as the father of robotics. Isaac Asimov's amazingly prolific body of work — over 500 books — set the stage for a robo-friendly world. Today, droid doctors save lives performing delicate spinal surgery, and automaton astronauts repair orbital stations in the vacuum of space. And it all started with Isaac Asimov's futuristic vision: a robot in every home.

Running Time: 41 Minutes 36 Seconds

Format: Audio CD.