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Guy Fawkes; or, A Complete History of The Gunpowder Treason, A.D. 1605, by Thomas Lathbury (Audiobook) (4 x Audio CD)

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Though the particulars connected with the Gunpowder Treason may be perused in the general histories of the period, yet I am not aware, that any modern narrative of that dark design is to be found in a separate form. Many brief sketches have, indeed, been published in various modern works: but no full and complete history of the Treason has ever been set forth. In compiling the present volume, I have collected, from various quarters, all the information which I could discover on the subject. It will be found to be the most complete narrative of the Treason ever published in a detached form: at the same time it is sufficiently concise not to weary the patience of the reader. 


  • 01: Preface.
  • 02: Sketch of Papal Attempts in England and Ireland during the Reign of Elizabeth. The State of Religion and the Country on James's accession.
  • 03: Sketches of the Conspirators.
  • 04: Proceedings of the Conspirators, to the latter end of October, 1605.
  • 05: The Jesuits privy to the Plot. The Narrative continued down to the Period of the Discovery of the Treason.
  • 06: The Proceedings of the Conspirators on the Discovery of the Plot--their Capture at Holbeach--the Meeting of the Parliament.
  • 07: Trial of the Conspirators.
  • 08: Trial and Execution of Garnet, the Jesuit. The alleged Miracles of the Straw is declared a Martyr.
  • 09: The Principles on which the Conspirators acted.
  • 10: The Act for the Observance of the Day. A Service prepared for the Occasion. Alterations in the Service to suit the Landing of King William. Reflections.

Format: 4 x Audio CD.

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