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The Green Hornet - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 DVD)

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Complete 234 Episodes

January 31, 1936 marked the beginning of what would later be known as one of the most iconic old radio shows during golden age of radio. The Green Hornet was originally aired on station WXYZ in Detroit, the same network that popularized other programs such as The Lone Ranger and Challenge of the Yukon. This crime-fighting series followed the adventures of Britt Reid, a wealthy young journalist and his faithful side-kick Kato. Reid presented a ne’er do well attitude to the world which was the exact opposite of his real feelings. He violently abhorred the corruption that permeated society and sought to change it by targeting the very heart of the underworld. This dynamic duo was even compared to Batman and Robin as they had secret identities which they used as a cover for their nightly activities as masked vigilantes. The Green Hornet captured multitudes of listeners, and was in fact heralded as the most popular young adult-oriented old time radio shows of the time. Let the hypnotic melody of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” draw you into the fast-paced world of The Green Hornet.

Format: mp3 DVD.

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