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Claudia - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 DVD)

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Complete 389 Episodes.

Claudia, which is perhaps better known as Claudia and David, was an old time radio show based on a series of short stories written by Rose Franken and William Brown Meloney, which appeared in Redbook magazine.

The program was a soap opera centered on newlyweds David and Claudia Naughton. It followed the problems and the successes, big and small, of an average newly-married couple, including the need for thrift, having an overhanded mother-in-law, and all those charming little moments of life. The program began as a skit on The Kate Smith Hour in 1941, and was expanded into a full summer series a month later. In those original shows, Claudia was played by Patricia Ryan and David by Richard Kollmar.

Franken and Meloneyâs stories were collected into books that were adapted into a pair of RKO films, Claudia in 1943 and Claudia and David in 1946. Both films starred Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire. The success of the films prompted Coca-Cola to sponsor a 15-minute syndicated weekday radio program in the 1947-1948 season, starring Kathryn Bard and Paul Crabtree.

The Claudia and David stories also spawned two TV movies in the late fifties, as well as British and German television adaptations.

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