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Bruce Gentry - Daredevil of the Skies (1949) Action, Adventure, Crime (2 x DVD)

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Complete 15 Chapter Columbia Movie Serial Cliffhanger.

Directed by: Spencer Gordon Bennet, Thomas Carr.

Starring: Tom Neal, Judy Clark, Ralph Hodges.

Dr Benson (Forrest Taylor ), a friend of charter pilot Bruce Gentry ( Tom Neal), is kidnapped by the mysterious enemy agent "The Recorder" who only issues orders through recordings. Benson is used to perfect the villain's flying saucers, launched and controlled by electronic means. Industrialist Paul Radcliffe (Hugh Prosser) hires Bruce to investigate the saucers.

Contained in: Standard DVD Case.

Format: Either PAL or NTSC (depending on world location), Region 0 (Multi-Region/Worldwide).

Chapter List:

01. The Mysterious Disc
02. The Mine of Menace
03. Fiery Furnace
04. Grande Crossing
05. Danger Trail
06. A Flight for Life
07. A Flying Disc
08. Fate Takes the Wheel
09. Hazardous Heights
10. Over the Falls
11. Gentry at Bay
12. Parachute of Peril
13. Menace of the Mesa
14. Bruce's Strategy
15. The Final Disc