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Brenda Starr, Reporter (1945) Action, Adventure, Crime (2 x DVD)

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Complete 13 Chapter Columbia Movie Serial Cliffhanger.

Director:  Wallace Fox (as Wallace W. Fox).

Starring: Joan Woodbury, Kane Richmond, Ernie Adams.

Please Note: All surviving versions of 'Brenda Starr, Reporter' contain the same technical issues for chapters three and four.

  • The audio drops out for chapter three after nine minutes of playback.
  • Chapter four has audio for eight minutes only and there is no video, therefore a simple slideshow of images has been created to compliment the surviving audio.

Daily Flash newspaper journalist Brenda Starr (Joan Woodbury), and her photographer, Chuck Allen (Syd Saylor), are assigned to cover a fire in an old house, where they discover the wounded Joe Heller (Wheeler Oakman), a mobster suspected of stealing a quarter-million-dollar payroll. The dying Heller tells Brenda that someone took his satchel of stolen money and he gives her a coded message. Kruger (Jack Ingram), the gangster who shot Heller, escapes to his gang's hideout with the bag, but discovers it is filled with paper rather than money. The gang, knowing Heller gave Brenda a coded message, makes many attempts on her life to get her to reveal where Heller hid the payroll money, but thanks to Chuck and Police Lieutenant Larry Farrel (Kane Richmond), she evades them, until Pesky (William 'Billy' Benedict), a Daily Flash office boy, succeeds in decoding the Heller message.

Contained in: Transparent Plastic Wallets. 

Format: Either PAL or NTSC (depending on world location), Region 0 (Multi-Region/Worldwide).

Chapter List:

01. Hot News
02. The Blazing Trap
03. Taken for a Ride
04. A Ghost Walks
05. The Big Boss Speaks
06. Man Hunt
07. Hideout of Terror
08. Killer at Large
09. Dark Magic
10. A Double-cross Backfires
11. On the Spot
12. Murder at Night
13. The Mystery of the Payroll