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Boston Blackie - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 DVD)

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Complete 199 Episodes.

In the the world of the hard boiled detective, Boston Blackie comes comes real close to fitting in, but he just doesn't quite. Of course Blackie isnt a detective or private eye, he is a reformed safe cracker and constantly good natured irritant to the cops!

A real Hard Boiled Detective solves the mystery that the cops think he is guilty of, and manages to make the cops look foolish while he does it. So does Boston Blackie.

At some point, the bad guys get a chance to rough up the Hard Boiled Detective, and he takes it with a laugh. Boston Blackie takes a beating with the best of them. The pretty girls can't resist a Hard Boiled Detective, even if they know he is bad for them. The girls never even consider that Blackie might not be good for them.

Format: mp3 DVD.

Contained in: Transparent plastic wallet.