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The Blue Beetle - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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Collection of 26 Episodes

Author Charles Nicholas created The Blue Beetle, one of the earlier heroes on the comic book series, "Mystery Men" in 1939. Due to the character's popularity, it was first syndicated on print which was followed by a radio program in 1940, and ran parallel to The Blue Beetle's comic book adventures. Actor Frank Lovejoy voiced the masked character's performance for the first 13-episodes. For some reason, credit for the role remained unknown for the rest of the serialization's run. Comared to other old radio shows geared toward the younger audience, The Blue Beetle was relatively short-lived, mainly because the show's story was far simpler than other contemporaries of its time. Each episode consisted of two segments within a 13-minute schedule. As such, there was very little room to develop a more complex storyline and instead, The Blue Beetle only focused on its basic plot which was that of a young police officer instilling fear into the underworld by donning a mask and superhero costume. Through the years, the character has evolved from its original form and may not be familiar to what the comic book readers of today expect of this old time radio crime-fighter.

Format: mp3 CD.

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