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Collection of BBC Comedies from the 1940's - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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Collection of 17 Episodes

Little of the BBC's radio output of the 1940s has survived, as most shows were broadcast live and were not recorded. The 78 rpm disk recording technology, which was all that was available prior to the development of tape recording, resulted in sound quality that was significantly worse than a live broadcast, so it was better not to fill the air-time with recordings, and being a non-commercial broadcaster the BBC had no financial incentive to preserve its output.

Those factors have made BBC recordings from this period rare. Here are some of the few which were preserved in their archives.


"Band Waggon" starring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch;
"ITMA" (It's That Man Again) starring Tommy Handley;
"Much Binding in the Marsh" starring Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne;
"HMS Waterlogged" starring Eric Barker, with Jon Pertwee;
"Studio Stand Easy" starring Charlie Chester;
"Up The Pole" starring Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss, with Jon Pertwee;
"Life with the Lyons" starring Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels;
"The Will Hay Programme" starring Will Hay.


Format: mp3 CD.

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