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Battling with Buffalo Bill (1931) Romance, Western (2 x DVD)

Battling with Buffalo Bill (1931) Romance, Western (2 x DVD)

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IMDb - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi (DVD)  

Complete 12 Chapter Universal Movie Serial Cliffhanger

Directed by: John English, William Witney.

Starring: Ray Taylor.

Gold has been discovered in the area and gambler Jim Rodney intends to make sole claim to it by pushing the rightful owners off the land and taking it for himself. To do so he has his henchmen kill an Indian woman, provoking attacks from her tribe. This brings Buffalo Bill and the United States Cavalry into the town. Buffalo Bill proceeds to defeat Rodney and his schemes.

Contained in: Standard DVD Case.

Format: Either PAL or NTSC (depending on world location), Region 0 (Multi-Region/Worldwide).

Chapter List:

01. Captured by Redskins
02. Circling Death
03. Between Hostile Tribes
04. The Savage Horde
05. The Fatal Plunge
06. Trapped
07. The Unseen Killer
08. Sentenced to Death
09. The Death Trap
10. A Shot from Ambush
11. The Flaming Death
12. Cheyenne Vengeance