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Angel Street (Gaslight) (1940) Gaslight (1944) Mystery, Crime, Thriller (2 x DVD)

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Directed by: Thorold Dickinson, George Cukor.

Starring: Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, Frank Pettingell, Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer.

Angel Street (aka, Gaslight) (1940)

Twenty years removed from Alice Barlow's murder by a thief looking for her jewels, newlyweds Paul (Anton Walbrook) and Bella Mallen (Diana Wynyard) move into the very house where the crime was committed. Retired detective B.G. Rough (Frank Pettingell), who worked on the Barlow case, is still in the area and grows suspicious of Paul, who he feels bears a striking resemblance to one of Barlow's relatives. Rough must find the truth before the killer can strike again and reclaim his bounty.

Gaslight (1944)

After the death of her famous opera-singing aunt, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) is sent to study in Italy to become a great opera singer as well. While there, she falls in love with the charming Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer). The two return to London, and Paula begins to notice strange goings-on: missing pictures, strange footsteps in the night and gaslights that dim without being touched. As she fights to retain her sanity, her new husband's intentions come into question.

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