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The Adventures of Heratio Hornblower - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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52 Complete Episodes.

Hornblower was a historical action adventure series produced by Harry Towers in 1952. The series was a 30-minute show revolving around the life of Horatio Hornblower, a Captain in the Royal Navy of the British Empire which was played by Michael Redgrave. The protagonist of the show was adapted from the series of 12 novels created by C. S. Forester entitled "Hornblower".

The plot of the show starts with Hornblower being a junior Royal Navy Captain in Napoleonic times. He was sent in Central America on a secret mission. There, he reminisces the times when he was still a seasick and hopeless midshipman. As the story goes on, Hornblower gains promotion regardless of the fact that he lacks the resources and influential connections.This is because he used his skills and daring character. After overcoming lots of obstacles set in different lands with different tongues, Hornblower achieved the highest achievement one can get in his profession-- he became Rear Admiral of the Red Squadron, and later on he was known to be the 1st Baron Hornblower. The show had 46 episodes in total which was played in CBS until it ended by July 17, 1953.

Format: 1 x mp3 CD.

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