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Ace Drummond (1936) Adventure, Action (2 x DVD)

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Complete 13 Chapter Universal Movie Serial Cliffhanger

Directed by: Ford Beebe, Clifford Smith.

Starring: John 'Dusty' King, Jean Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.

A mysterious villain who calls himself 'The Dragon' is attempting to prevent International Airways from beginning service in Mongolia, in order to protect the secret of the mountain of jade for himself. It features a dungeon in the nearby monastery, the kidnapping of an archeologist who stumbles onto the secret, his daughter's attempts to rescue him with Ace's help, a death ray The Dragon uses on the airline pilots, a radio system by which The Dragon communicates with his henchmen via the rotation of Buddhist prayer wheels (each transmission concluding "The Dragon commands!"), and a squadron of his own fighter planes.

Contained in: Transparent Plastic Wallets.

Format: Either PAL or NTSC (depending on world location), Region 0 (Multi-Region/Worldwide).

Chapter List:

01. Where East Meets West
02. The Invisible Enemy
03. The Doorway of Doom
04. The Radio Riddle
05. Bullets of Sand
06. Evil Spirits
07. The Trackless Trail
08. The Sign in the Sky
09. Secret Service
10. The Mountain of Jade
11. The Dragon Commands
12. The Squadron of Death
13. The World's Akin