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33 Half Moon Street - Old Time Radio Collection (OTR) (mp3 CD)

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45 Complete Episodes.

One of the many shows that we have "imported" from South Africa, this old time radio great is one of the better ones. 33 Half Moon Street involved the cases taken on by a detective agency named Assignments Unlimited. Whose tagline was that they guaranteed success, all the time. Many old time radio listeners are a bit leery of purchasing shows from the BBC, or South Africa, feeling that they may be a bit hard to listen to because of the accents. There are a few shows out there that are a bit tough to listen to, but not this one! Very slight, and I mean almost non-existent accents. And, in the case of this old time radio thriller, very clear audio quality. Airing after the Golden Age Of Radio, 33 Half Moon Street,the great Michael Todd played the part of Investigator Aubrey Mason, whose slogan was "We do anything, anywhere, at anytime", and also went along guaranteeing success of every case. The name of the show is the address of the detective agency, 33 Half Moon Street. The cases were usually a bit uncommon, but all very good. 33 Half Moon Street went on to become a very popular and successful radio show, and still has quite a following today. Each episode is about 25 minutes long. Not hard boiled, by any means. Even with Michael Todd playing the part of Mason, the "star" of the show was the plots themselves. All very well written, and being so far along in the age of radio, production values are very high. Any radio listener who enjoys a good who-dun-it will enjoy 33 Half Moon Street.

Format: 1 x mp3 CD.

Contained in: Transparent plastic wallet.